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Ferguson on Fire

August 13

If you’ve seen the news lately, you know that Ferguson has been in turmoil considerably since my last post.

An 18-year-old man was shot by police and crowds retaliated with looting and rioting. Everyone seems to have something to say about it, but I’ve got nothing to contribute.

On second thought, maybe give Ferguson a chance to cool down before you visit their farmers market. I was there exactly a week before this all started, and it’s a shocking turn of events.

RIP Michael Brown.



Ferguson Farmers Market

August 6

These juicy blackberries were so tempting! Pie anyone?

Farmers Market SignOn Saturday, I decided to start close to home and investigate the Ferguson Farmers Market. This little borough isn’t farm from home, but I’ve barely explored it (like a typical St. Louisan). I was thoroughly impressed by their variety of farms (even an Amish farm was represented), locally grown flowers and garden baskets and food vendors. You could even buy loose tea! There was live music, and an impressive crowd sitting in chairs around the mini-stage listening to their acoustic covers.


Oh my! This carrot seems to have forgotten his pants!

The Ferguson Farmers Market is located at Victorian Square next to the train tracks on South Florissant Road. I was lucky enough to see a train go by as I was shopping, and it made me feel like I had time traveled for a moment. There was a family making omelettes to order, an empanada vendor and a couple of college-aged gals selling pies and tarts. Delicious! Everyone seemed to be in a great mood, and there were plenty of smiles.
It’s late in the season, but there were still plenty of blackberries, blueberries and more tomatoes than you can shake a stick at. An organic cheese maker was there, as well as a couple of guys selling organic grass-fed beef in generator-powered refrigerators. I settled on some Brussels sprouts, ears of corn for $0.50 each, squash and zucchini from Thies Farm and Greenhouses, and also picked up some blueberries and huge peaches from another vendor.

Parking wasn’t too much of a hassle, as there was a steady flow of traffic in and out of the market. If you plan on going and approach from the south, be sure to turn at the sign for the market or you’ll pass the designated lot and have to turn around. It’s the same lot as the one for Aldi.


Purple beans, dragon beans and green beans!

When you’re finished, cross South Florissant Road to visit the Whistle Stop at the Ferguson Depot. They’re open from 11 am – 9 pm on Saturdays and feature lunch specials and old fashioned frozen custard. According to their site, as many as 20 freight trains rumble past the Whistle Stop every day, so you’ve got a good chance of seeing one if you choose to visit. Their sign had me wanting to watch Fried Green Tomatoes as soon as I left.

With this market being so close to my home, I’ll certainly be back next year, but there are many more new-to-me markets to explore! Onward!

Grab a snack if you get hungry!

Grab a snack if you get hungry!

Tea for 2 and 2 for tea!

Tea for 2 and 2 for tea!

Millions of peaches...peaches for me!

Millions of peaches…peaches for me!

Thies Farm

Thies Farm had the most impressive array of fruits and veggies.

The Saint Louis Farmers Market Challenge

August 5

FarmersMktIn an effort to eat more fresh, from-the-farm foods (and support local farms), I’ve made a list of local farmers markets to investigate this summer. There are probably 2 or 3 good months of farmers markets left (although some in St. Louis operate year-round). I’ve taken suggestions from Facebook and was inspired by the St. Louis GO! List. Here’s my list of markets to hit:

I’ve got my trusty market basket ready so tell me: What is your favorite St. Louis Metro farmers market? What am I missing from my list?

Across the Miles Photo Challenge

June 3


Back in 2006, one of my closest friends (Rachel) moved to Alaska to take a job as a social worker. At first she only planned to be gone for a year or two, but she’s still there. We miss a lot of each other’s lives, and I recently realized that we were going months at a time without any communication. Sure, we send them occasional update email, but they contain mostly big updates and life changes. I missed hearing about the tedium of her life and felt disconnected. Read the rest of this entry »

Running to the Beat: Yurbuds Review

May 10

Sometimes I go through phases with my running. I’ll run consistently for several weeks and then suddenly lose interest. Then after a few weeks not running, I start to miss it and want to get going again. One surefire way of motivating myself to get moving again is to change something about how I run – specifically, to troubleshoot and solve a problem I’ve had before. I can log several “shakedown” runs just testing out my new solution and before you know it I ‘m running regularly again! Read the rest of this entry »

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